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Customer Feedback;

"Sherri is our local 'dog whisperer'! She helped my family bring 2 dogs together (one that had never been socialized with other dogs) and now they are best buds. It has been a blessing and we are so grateful!"

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I have spent my lifetime observing animals of all kinds. I can not imagine my life without animals. 

It is my honor to be able to work with animals and their owners. It is my goal to bring people closer to their animals in the kindest and most effective ways possible.

I continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of my career and my relationships with my clients and their animals. I am also continuing to learn and educate myself on current research and training techniques.

I believe in using added reinforcement techniques, not only because they are morally aligned with my ideals, but also because they are scientifically proven to work and provide long lasting results.